Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random Acts of Weirdness

This entry is just a really bad effort to get back to blogging, I've been distracted lately by FlickR, Facebook and my new webpage, y'know how it goes, but all this time I've been busy I've still been driving around town in my beloved VW and enjoying being tall on the road (as opposed to short in life).

Except when I walked to the pizza shop, I spotted this really cool car that I'm thinking when the VW finally goes to Kombie heaven, I want one like it, it'll be my early mid-life crises car, definately something like a Charger, with a tiny back seat that has no room for baby seats.

Other than the usual photographing of spiders and children I had a 'Steve Irwin sighting' he really dead. Or is he adventure sporting with Elvis. Till I find the definative answer, all I have is this fuzzy shot taken recently.

Finally, you never know when you number is up so I have a luckly $8 to give away via Kombie Kash which should bring a tear to any VW (pre-1972) lover's eye.  Come to think of it, I have been watching a lot of 'My Name is Earl' DVD box set, perhaps there is a link between all these random acts of weirdness.